Saturday, January 23, 2010

Running, running, and more running!

So, last time I blogged I had just finished my first blog in a year. I had just finished my first indoor race of the season..and now, I have just finished my second meet on the wonderful season that we call indoor track..The week leading up to the meet at Robert Morris wasn't too bad, running wise. On Tuesday, I actually felt that I had a good workout or the best of this type of workout. We had to do 6 1200m repeats, starting at a tempo pace and working up to faster than race pace for a 5k. I started out where I was supposed to, and was very happy. I ended the 1200 workout faster than I am sure I ever have because I have never been good with cutting down workouts or long repeats..So coming off of this workout, I thought I would have a pretty good race day on Friday night.

For this race at Robert Morris, my teammates and I were doing the 1600 and the 1000, just as a workout. I was shooting for a 5:45 for the mile and whatever I had left in the 1000. Now, when starting the mile, I didn't know what I was in for because the first few laps felt like I was sprinting!!! Last week I did a 5k so this was totally different! I ended up finishing in a 5:43! The 1000 was a different story. My legs were dead from the mile and I was really hungry so I ended up cramping up really bad..But all in all, I got a good workout in which was the point. After waiting for the last flight of throwing to be done, we headed back to campus. We didn't get back til 12:30, I showered, and went to sleep. I ended up waking up at 9 to get my long run done and over with! It was a beautiful day to run, and was very happy to be getting a long run in today! I came back, showered, and went out to eat at Chili's with my roommate :)

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